Straight talk about the Feldenkrais Method

Is there a practical reason to participate in a Feldenkrais Workshop?

The Feldenkais Method is for anyone who is curious about his/her condition – and how they can improve his/her own situation. You can become less reliant on constant therapies and medications. You will always have them to see you through, but you can develop a better relationship with, and understanding of your body, so that you can make your own decisions about movement and fitness.

With knowledge, you can begin to understand which exercises and movements are the right ones for you. You can modify one-size-fits-all exercises to be more beneficial and productive. . . . . and interesting and enjoyable!

Is this really possible?

Yes. Feldenkrais has been available in large metropolitan areas for years. Classes are full and doctors refer patients to Feldenkrais practitioners on a regular basis. It is recognized as an extremely effective approach to ease pain and create pleasant and comfortable movement.

Will I be able to make all the changes I need after one workshop?

The Feldenkrais Method is about engaging your intelligence and your body in a process of improvement. You will feel better after a workshop and begin to see that there is a better, more interesting way to be present in your body and live your life more fully.

Our bodies need different movements and opportunities over time. Doing the same things for years often reinforces our chronic movement habits, rather than creating new opportunities to feel better.

Being consistent with the basics of the Feldenkrais Method will begin to benefit you quickly. One of the most interesting challenges for people is to develop healthy habits to replace the habits that cause discomfort.