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I’ve always had a home studio in Monmouth County, NJ to weave my work and family schedule together. My kids are grown now, but I love the rhythm and comfort of being at home. I welcome you to my home as well. I live in Belmar (07719). 

To book a free half hour phone consultation, please click here. 

Please click here to schedule a 1.5 hour  in-person consultation. The fee for this appointment is $150. Subsequent appointments are an hour and are $100. 

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Feldenkrais private sessions are called, “Functional Integration.” 

Almost all of my clients tell me that this is not like anything they’ve ever done and they cannot quite describe it to their friends.

Functional Integration is your nervous system’s opportunity for very, very deep rest. It’s the place where healing and learning can emerge. 

Here is a description of some things you’ll experience in sessions with me.

  • Gentle Touch: Feldenkrais practitioners use subtle, non-invasive touch to provide sensory feedback and physical support. With this support, you’ll recognize how you hold tension and discover  how to release it. You’ll free up a lot of energy and set the stage for moving in ways that support rather than harm you. 
  • Individualized Approach: Each Functional Integration session is tailored to you. Not just your injury or pain, but what you come in with on any given day. I’ll recognize when you need a rest, and when to follow the path of curiosity and learning. As we work together, you’ll discover your unique movement patterns. You’ll grow to appreciate how brilliant you are and how much you already know—and make space for new learning. 
  • Awareness and Learning: When you move better, you feel better. 

In our first few sessions, you’ll likely be lying down. As you begin to recognize and release some habitual tension, I’ll introduce more movement into our sessions. Through paying attention, this Feldenkrais-ian movement can create a deep state of calm and awareness. On top of learning which movements and exercises serve you best. What could be better? 

Feldenkrais teachers rarely demonstrate the “correct way” to do anything. We know how to help you find your own way and trust your own sense of your moving body