Are you tired of chasing perfection?

Is this you?—

From the time you were a little girl, you were taught to think of yourself in terms of how you look rather than how you feel. As you get older, the messages become more specific. Be thin. Be pretty. Don’t have wrinkles. Don’t have gray hair.

How soon after you wake up in the morning do you have a critical thought about your appearance? You spend lots of time, money and energy trying to live up to all of the standards of how you think you SHOULD look. Yet you still don’t feel comfortable in your skin.

Rather than feeling like your body is your enemy, you long to feel like your body is your home.

You may have already tried to connect with your body in a positive way.

Perhaps you exercise, walk, practice yoga or do other physical activities. Maybe you read books about self-love and self-care. Or you see a therapist or talk with friends.

These are no doubt helpful. But you still sense that there is a creative, healthy and loving part of you that stays locked up and you can’t quite figure out how to get it out.

So, how do you finally live with confidence?

Sure, you can patch up your confidence with a great outfit or expensive cosmetics. Even so, do you always feel uneasy about the shape of your body, your fashion choices, your make-up, your hair, your shoes, your skin, your eyebrows, your fingernails?

No wonder we feel frazzled, and off-center. Forcing perfection on our living, changing bodies becomes a full-time pre-occupation; It eats away at our confidence.

Initially, I had shoulder discomfort from working in the deli I owned. In addition, I had fallen and couldn’t do anything with my arm. Even though I was open to all kinds of alternative things, I doubted that Feldenkrais® would be effective. How effective could light, non-invasive touch really be?

In just a couple of sessions, I no longer had the very familiar pain that I’d had since falling. I realized that Linda was helping me. I stuck with it. I’ve learned so much about my movement habits.

Based on her desire to do what she does well, Linda is constantly learning and refining her approach. I trust that she’ll know what’s needed in any session.

I don’t expect Linda to fix things for me. There’s such a level of trust that I’m not invested in the outcome, but there always is one. Something that I’ve been holding in my body will be undone and I will feel better at the end.

Part of Linda’s journey is boundaries. She sets her own and respects mine. My resistance has softened because Linda is never intrusive. Safety is the most important thing for me. There is no judgment in my sessions with Linda. Whatever she’s guided to do for me is what I need; Whatever path we choose in our sessions ends up going somewhere good. Working privately with Linda I have developed a deep level of awareness about how I hold stress in my body and learned that I am willing and able to change.

HS – Massage Therapist

With guidance and encouragement, you can learn the principles of living confidently in your body—

1. Slow down and Pay attention to yourself.

Are you always moving fast? Do you feel that you’re too busy to pay attention to yourself? The problem is, if you want to feel good in your body, you need to be present in your body. And to be present, you need to slow down.

This doesn’t mean getting less done. It means simply noticing yourself and how your body feels during the course of your day.

When you sense how you feel, breathe and move, you’ll begin to find comfort in who you are rather than how you look.

2. Come out of postures that keep you small.

Slumping your shoulders or hanging out in folded over postures can create feelings of powerlessness. Our modern lifestyle often requires that we spend hours each day sitting at a computer or looking at our phones. It’s easy for negative thoughts to get a foot-hold.

Forcing yourself to “sit up straight” might seem like a solution, but it can be exhausting and hard to hold. You can learn to mobilize and engage the muscles around your spine and pelvis in a healthy, coordinated way. When you do, you’ll have a feeling of lasting centeredness and length.

Negative thoughts have a harder time getting a foothold in an easily upright and centered body.

3. Come away from the floor to feel uplifted.

Most of us spend so much time sitting. We get used to feeling weighted, like we’re sinking through our chair and into the floor. We may feel drained and heavy.

Your sense of vitality comes in large part from balancing the “down” of gravity with the “up” from the ground—and you can learn to do this.

You’ll feel lighter and less burdened. It’s a practice you can use anywhere, any time, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is and how good you’ll feel. You’ll begin to feel powerful, upright and engaged in the world.

4. Coordinate, orient and integrate.

Do you ever feel like your movements are awkward or disconnected? Instead of feeling like your body is your home and serving you well, you may feel like someone is shaking a jar or rocks when you move. Awkward, uncoordinated movement can cause agitated feelings. You may feel as if you’d like to get away from your body rather than enjoy your time in it.

When you learn to actively coordinate your movement, you become present in the moment. Your essential self and your body begin to merge. You’ll find a path to feeling whole. That’s something you won’t find in most exercise classes these days.

5. Make Friends with your natural Breath

How you breathe affects your physical and emotional well-being. Learning to observe, rather than interfere with your breath quiets your mind and connects you to a firm emotional foundation.

Imagine yourself—

  • No longer chasing an ideal picture from Instagram, but fully in touch with your personal strength and power.
  • Living fearlessly and joyfully in your own skin.
  • Feeling your strength and presence from the inside out

Imagine unlocking your creative, intuitive potential. You were born with it, and it’s waiting for you to discover it.

The world will notice the difference.

Thank you for helping me have a life I never thought I could have. You’ve helped me realize that I do have a body—a strong one that works well. I’m learning to like my body and am proud of myself, thanks to you. All that we’ve done together has helped me to deal better with my stress and anxiety, like nothing else I’ve found! You’ve helped me feel good about being the person I am. Thanks so much for being there for me and being an expert at what you do!


I understand why you’ve read this far—

As a former dancer, I lived and embodied chasing perfection. Even after I stopped dancing, I was still chasing perfection or criticizing myself for not chasing it. All of that ate up a lot of creative energy and dampened my ability to be kind to myself or listen to my inner voice,

My passion for helping women access the widsom of their bodies has emerged in recent years. I’ve become sensitive to the stream of messages directed at women about perfecting their appearance rather than supporting who they are. I’ve decided I can no longer sit idly by.

I’m now called to offer the tools I’ve cultivated through my 16 years as a Feldenkrais® practitioner in service of helping women finally step into their power.

I will help you find your courage and claim your space.

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To best serve individual needs, I work privately with clients in my home. Several times during the year, I teach group workshops helping women to live wisely in their bodies..

Please contact me if you’d like to offer this experience to your group or organization.

My Rates

Our first session, 1.5 hours:  $150
Individual sessions:  $100
Five sessions:  $475 ($95 per session)
Ten Sessions:  $900 ($90 per session)

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