Why Standing Up (too) Straight Can Knock You Down.

You’re earnestly trying to find relief from your neck/back or shoulder discomfort.

A well-meaning friend or professional told you that improving your posture will help you. So you do your level best to stuff your body into the recommended “posture shapes”.

That’s a one size fits all approach, so go ahead—throw your shoulders back, press them down, maybe pull your chin in and maybe jut it out, definitely tuck your pelvis, pull in your belly, and force yourself to sit as straight as a stick.

I get tired just writing it and I bet you got even more tired (and uncomfortable) from doing it.

Who’s got time for that?

If you struggle with pain, learning a new way to improve your posture will be a tremendous help.

But explaining it in one blog would send you running for the door. Posture happens from the inside-out and is a very different process than the set of instructions you are used to.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing several blogs to introduce you to a progressive approach to good posture and what it can mean for you.

Here are just a few questions you might never have thought of—

Why is your good posture different from your friend’s good posture on the next yoga mat? Why is good posture about your spine rather than your shoulders? Why does pulling your stomach in make good posture (and your life) harder? How come your upper back becomes less round when you change your pelvis? Why is that UPRIGHT posture corrector a band-aid rather than a solution?

When you begin to expand your understanding of good posture, you’ll trust that you don’t have to dutifully hold yourself in ways that exhaust you. You can say goodbye to traditional fitness beliefs that no longer serve you. You can create a more mobile and comfortable you.

You’ve got one body and it’s asking for your care. You can feel better than you do, and better than someone else said was possible for you. It takes courage to step out of the mainstream, but the reward is oh so worth it.

Curious? At the bottom of my home page, I invite you to subscribe and check out my free lesson. You’ll experience a different way to improve your posture that makes elegant sense. I’d love to hear how you felt.


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