Do you wake up feeling exhausted?

Maybe you lie in bed awake for hours on end, trying to fall asleep. Or you wake up at 3 am with nagging worries that keep you awake until dawn. Either way, your lack of sleep is affecting your health and your emotional well-being.

As a result, you may be irritable with the people you care about. Your resistance to illness is lowered, and you may get sick or have pain flare-ups more frequently. Or you worry more and experience lots of anxiety. Everyday challenges feel harder to manage.

You long to sleep well at night.

You’ve tried so many things to improve your sleep that you get exhausted just thinking about them.

Maybe you’ve done sleep studies at a hospital or spent money on products and classes in your desperation to get to sleep. Perhaps you paid big money for that perfect mattress. You may use sleep hygiene checklists, special apps, progressive relaxation audios, or sleep meds, but you still don’t feel rested.

You toss and turn for hours on end until your bleary day starts all over again.

So why are you still having a hard time sleeping?

The solutions you’ve tried don’t have have a meaningful effect because they only poke at the symptoms of your problems. They don’t address the root cause, which is your overstimulated nervous system.

To sleep well when your head hits the pillow, you need to lower your stress levels throughout the day and offload the stress that you do accumulate.

You don’t need to meditate for hours each day, and you don’t have to cause yourself more stress by trying to create the perfect mindset. You need practical techniques that soothe your nervous system and reliably put you to sleep at night.

A wonderful experience in learning how to calm the nervous system. So much more helpful than the standard “sleep hygiene” recommendations. Thank you!  G

Introducing the Sounder Sleep Program

An Easy-to-Learn Approach to Calming Yourself and Sleeping Well

There are five basic principles to the Sounder Sleep work—actice calming your nervous system consistently, some of these do’s and don’ts may even become optional. Many people can still have their beloved cup of coffee AND get the sleep they need!

1.  A little bit goes a long way. You don’t need to meditate for thirty minutes or an hour at a time to feel better. You can soothe your nervous system in a way that’s seamlessly integrated with the rest of your life. And you can do it all day long.

2.  Coordinated movement soothes the brain. At the heart of the Sounder Sleep protocol are tiny coordinated movements. These movements create a feedback loop in the brain that soothes the nervous system. This has the same impact as traditional meditation or a runner’s high, but it is more accessible for most people.  You can learn to pay attention in very manageable, enjoyable ways.

3.  Natural breath calms your system. You don’t need to learn complicated breath exercises to help you fall asleep. Instead, you can learn to pay attention to and support your natural breath effortlessly, throughout the day and at night. When you do this, you’ll have a much easier time falling asleep.

4.  Practice at day and at night. Doing the short and enjoyable meditations for a couple of minutes each day brings you to bed prepared to sleep. The nighttime practices soothe you into slumber. The daytime and nighttime practices together make Sounder Sleep a potent sleep inducer.

5.  Practice Good Sleep Hygiene. Although it may sound intimidating, good sleep hygiene can be easy. There are just a few simple dos and don’ts aimed at the few hours before bedtime. And once you practice calming your nervous system consistently, some of these do’s and don’ts may even become optional. Many people can still have their beloved cup of coffee AND get the sleep they need!

How do I know it works?

In 1998, I attended a one-hour introductory seminar to the Sounder Sleep System, taught by Michael Krugman, a fellow Feldenkrais® practitioner.

During the seminar, I found myself drifting off easily, first into twilight and then into a profoundly deep sleep. I had never experienced anything like it before.

Since then, I’ve continued to use the techniques whenever I need some calming. That one hour class changed my life.

For the past several years, I have taught these principles to my clients, and when they practice with consistency, they have astounding results.

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You can feel rested, calm, and clear.

Interested? Here are the details—

I work with my Sounder Sleep clients privately at my home office, meeting once a week for four weeks. You’ll feel confident knowing you have learned the practices and will be able to use them at home.

As part of our work together, you receive:

●  Four in-person sessions with time to learn new practices, review and integrate what you’ve learned, discuss challenges and ask questions.
●  Recordings of the material you are learning.
●  A sleep log to track your sleep patterns and make continuous adjustments.
●  Support between sessions as needed— I’ll answer all of your questions.

I’d be honored to be your ally in finally getting the sleep you long for.

Your Investment: $400

Are you ready to sleep soundly and feel well-rested?

If so, let’s set up a time to talk! Please fill in the form below, and I’ll contact you to set up a phone call so we can discuss the possibility of working together.

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