Healing and Fixing are Different Things

If you live with chronic pain, injury, anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia it is heartening to realize that —

Healing and fixing are two different things. 

Healing happens in the realm of circles in spirals. Fixing happens in planes and angles. We ride the wave of healing to become something different, even something better.

It’s a curious process living in this moving body we’ve been gifted with. Caring for ourselves deeply, underneath the layers of insistence, demand, and criticism is where we create our body’s readiness to heal. 

  • Your challenges are not shortcomings.

They touch your deepest self, ancestral and earthly. That self is gently (or not so gently) communicating that something within you is searching for balance and asking you to keep searching. 

You’ll come to know what you need when you listen into what your body’s been saying to you. Maybe for a long time. 

  • Healing emerges when our system is in balance. 

It’s your birthright. When you are in balance (homeostasis), your body knows how to heal. Consider that your cells completely replace themselves every seven years. Have you considered what those implications are . . .how hopeful that is? 

  • Healing feels so much better than fixing. It happens over time, as nature intended. 

We can choose practices that move us forward into life and movement, rather than “fixing” us in a past place. (See my FAQ on Neuroplastic Healing).

However you hear this voice, and where it leads you, I wish you well and offer gentle support in your journey.