No Woman Left Behind – Stepping into your Personal Power

Posted on Feb 11, 2019 in Upcoming Events

February 24, 2019
1 pm -2:30pm

Zen Den Community Acupuncture
2116 Sunset Avenue
Ocean Nj 07712


Based on principles of The Feldenkrais Method and Amy Cuddy’s research, this is not your typical exercise class!

Do you want to live, lead and love with more confidence?

Join us, and access greater strength, vitality, inner wisdom and personal power.

In this workshop for women, you will:

  • Ground yourself in your breath and attention
  • Reconnect to yourself from your feet to fingertips
  • Have fun with invigorating and simple movement
  • Experience integration and strength throughout your entire body

We will discuss specific aspects of healthy movement and how you can utilize them for physical and psychological well-being – including directed attention, active movement and light resistance bands to help you sense the strength you already possess.

Confident in your body. Confident in your life.


No Woman Left Behind –