Group Classes

In Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons you learn how to move with minimum effort and maximum ease, through improved coordination and awareness of how your body works. At the end of a lesson, habitual muscle tension releases. You sense the stability of a balanced skeleton. Your breathing is freer, walking lighter, and eyes clearer. Your kinesthetic perception enhanced, you can move in ways that you thought were restricted.

If you continue to return to the Feldenkrais Method as a means to easier movement and less pain, Awareness Through Movement lessons are vitally important to your learning process. When you have the opportunity to pay attention to your own movement within the structure of these lessons, you can begin to make choices in your every day life that will lead to fuller participation in the things you love.

Announcing the Winter ’16 group class series – 




Come put yourself back together again – and create the healthiest physical environment for your other endeavors, whether they be comfortable daily movement or athletic pursuits.


We will have a Beginners’ Series and a class following for experienced Feldenkrais students

6 Week series. January 27 – March 2

Beginners’ Series 9am -10:00
This series is a wonderful introduction for new students and a valuable opportunity for returning students to deepen their experience and awareness with lessons they’ve done. 

These lessons are available on a series-basis only – $90 for 6 lessons. 

Ongoing series 10:15 – 11:15
These lessons may be more complex or involve more physical effort. To be sure, you will continue to discover more about yourself in movement and how to think about “making your life easier.” Looking forward to sharing some very interesting lessons with you. 

Price – $90/series or $20/drop-in

Zen Den Center (To register, please contact me, or Melissa at Zen Den)
2116 Sunset Avenue Ocean NJ 07712