Group Classes

In Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons you learn how to move with minimum effort and maximum ease, through improved coordination and awareness of how your body works. At the end of a lesson, habitual muscle tension releases. You sense the stability of a balanced skeleton. Your breathing is freer, walking lighter, and eyes clearer. Your kinesthetic perception enhanced, you can move in ways that you thought were restricted.

If you continue to return to the Feldenkrais Method as a means to easier movement and less pain, Awareness Through Movement lessons are vitally important to your learning process. When you have the opportunity to pay attention to your own movement within the structure of these lessons, you can begin to make choices in your every day life that will lead to fuller participation in the things you love.


smiling toesWe ignore their pain, but they still show up for work every day. Let’s show them some love.

Movement health in your feet is vital to stability and joint comfort as our years progress. It is never too late or too early to begin to live wisely in our bodies. Join us at Zen Den for a Feldenkrais based workshop to learn about the complex (and underrated) miracle we call our feet. We’ll help our feet remember that they have ankles to help them and toes that are part of the solution, rather than the problem. We’ll also discuss simple strategies you can do at home to wake up your feet.

Please be able to get down to and up from the floor independently. If there is enough interest, I will be happy to schedule another foot-health event for chair sitting.

Sunday, April 30, 4-6:30
At Zen Den, 116 Sunset Avenue Ocean NJ 07712

Official sign-up will be available next week. Space limited. Please contact me to save you a space.